Pre-Employment Physical Exams

Pre-employment physical exam protocols consist of a medical exam (including a medical questionnaire, history evaluation and admin process) as well as specific tests depending on work conditions. Pre-employment physicals allow you to make sure your candidates satisfy the physical demands of their prospective position.

These evaluations help in getting a Day 0 picture of your candidates to validate whether they have a pre-existing condition. Their other benefit is to reduce the risk for you and hire only the best candidates. Physicals allow you to detect any personal condition likely to increase work-related accidents or illnesses.

The doctor will judge the candidate’s likelihood to satisfy the position’s demands in his medical evaluation report.  Our doctor is here to guide you in hiring your employees and to make sure they have the necessary abilities, so they can safely work and prevent work-related accidents and absenteeism-related costs.

Generally, you should be able to get an appointment within 24 to 48 hours and get results verbally within 24 to 48 hours. It is possible, however, that these deadlines may not be satisfied for reasons outside of our control, but they will work for most pre-employment physicals performed in our clinic.


Independent Medical Expertise

When you get our Medical Expertise Service, you get a fast assessment and a specialized diagnosis, with regards to your employee’s condition and history. Our expert general practitioner will use all his experience to give you an objective picture of your employee’s recovery process and the appropriate measures for your employee’s going back to work so that you can avoid or settle disputes. Medical Expertise is an essential aspect to manage your professional wrong or disability cases efficiently.

The worker is seen without delay at our clinic to get all the medical tests that are necessary to assess the employee’s medical condition.

Medical Expertise is the only way to get solid medical evidence in case of a legal dispute.

You have two options, depending on how complex your case is:

  • Regular Expertise
  • Extended Expertise

Following the medical exam, you will receive a short written or verbal report according to your needs within 24 hours and a comprehensive and written expertise report within a maximum of 5 business days.


Drug Tests

Pre- and post-employment drug and/or alcohol tests are also available to make sure your employees are fit to work and fully efficient at work.




Corporate nursing services

Your time is valuable. Marleen Tassé Health Services offers some of its clinic services in your workplace, which enables employees to reduce lost productivity by avoiding appointments outside the workplace and long wait times in a waiting room.

A nursing team is available to meet your needs for:

  • Blood tests

  • Vaccines (Flu shots, Travel health and other vaccines)

  • Drug and alcohol screening (doctor’s requisition or prescription is required)

  • STI Screening

  • Women's health

  • Injections

  • Blood pressure tests

  • Nutrition conferences (with our nutritionist-dietician)


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