Marleen Tasse Health Services offers local and affordable in-clinic healthcare with direct access to doctors, specialized nurse practitioners and nurses.

This allows you to get appointments quickly at an affordable rate for your health issues. No one will leave without a solution! 



During your first appointment, our receptionists will assess the cost associated with your consultation, according to how long your appointment is, which varies with your needs. For more information: 819 595-0790.

No membership card, no registration fees, no heavy paperwork to start, no annual subscription!

Please note that some private insurance companies may totally or partially refund some medical fees, investigations fees or form fees. Please ask your insurance companies for more information on this. Consultation fees are eligible for tax deduction and are not taxable.




Real Walk-In Service!

To give our customers the healthcare they need when they need it, we offer a walk-in service for emergencies. Customers are invited to book their spot by calling 819 595-0790.




Do you wish you had a family doctor in the Gatineau area who could take the time to answer your questions? We’ve got you covered. Marleen Tasse Health Services is committed to making it easier to access health care thanks to our new Family Doctor Service. 




Physicals are for anyone who want to know about their health status. Physicals allow to discover health issues quickly and treat them efficiently. The doctor takes the necessary time to perform an extensive exam and to answer our clients’ questions. Lab and other tests may be performed on-site. You won’t need to book an appointment anywhere else. Your doctor will have your results very quickly, and you will be able to get the follow-up you need faster.






We can satisfy the requirements and do a follow-up for assessments aimed at getting disability benefits for the SAAQ, CSST and other insurance companies. A well-defined medical assessment will allow us to assess the issue and to fill out any critical form relevant to the process.


Business hours :

Monday to Thursday: 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM