At Marleen Tassé Health Services our personnel is concerned about your well being and setting itself apart by offering the ultimate experience to all. You will be warmly welcomed into a calm health-focused environment. The right care at the right time and right place!

Our nurses are available Monday to Friday to administer required care, such as:


So much more to offer when it comes to your health!
Our nurses collaborate with our responsible physician to provide a complete service including assessment and treatment of several conditions. All in one visit!


“At our clinic, you’ll find everything you need for your well-being!”
Most of our private services are covered by most private group or personal insurance plans.



With an appointment, you can receive injections of medications prescribed by a doctor and purchased at a pharmacy, such as B12, Depo-Provera or others.


It is possible to have numerous medications, such as post-surgical antibiotics, administered on site. Please contact us with your request so that the nurse can confirm and coordinate your drip. Your physician will have remitted a prescription beforehand that you must present to the pharmacy to obtain the medication. By appointment only.



To monitor your health, our nurses measure your blood pressure to determine whether it is high or not, study the effectiveness of your treatment if applicable, and determine whether your blood pressure is being properly controlled.

When requested, test results can be sent to your doctor at no extra cost.


Capillary blood glucose testing is a way to measure blood glucose, or blood sugar. Our specialized nurse will prick your finger to take a drop of blood that will be analyzed on site using a glucometer.

When requested, test results can be sent to your doctor at no extra cost.


One of our specialized nurses will assess your wound and let you know whether a medical consultation is required.

In addition:

  • Receive your tetanus vaccine booster immediately if required.
  • We will change your dressing based on the type of wound.
  • We will give you information about any aspects you need to consider.
  • We will teach you how to change the dressing yourself.
  • We provide follow-up based on your situation.

No prescription required.



You can have your stitches and staples removed by one of the specialized nurses at Marleen Tassé Health Services. Prescription required.



You can have your ears washed in order to remove an earwax plug. No prescription required.



Please note that healthcare workers are obligated to follow the recommendations given by the PIQ (Protocole d’Immunisation du Québec) for the Tuberculosis test. There is a fee of $60.00 applied for the consultation. (Whether or not the test is done)

The test can be done if:

  • There is a medical prescription

  • If you are an employee/volunteer in a health establishement. 

  • If you are an employee/volunteer in an establishement that provides aid for the homeless.

  • If you are a student requiring stage work AND meets one of the following criteria :

    • You are born in Canada before 1976

    • You have received the BCG vaccine

    • You have been exposed to an active contagious known case of Tuberculosis

    • You have been in a different country for 3 months or more, excluding the Countries listed:

-United Kingdom
-West Indies (Except Haiti and Dominican Republic)


If you do NOT meet any of the above criteria,   the test cannot be administered according to the PIQ                                   

For students requiring stage work in Quebec and do not meet the above criteria to receive the PPD a result of 0mm will be given.

If you desire more information on this subject please follow the link below:








Business hours :

Monday to Thursday: 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM