Travel Health Clinic

With a family vacation, personal holidays or a business trip abroad, basic precautions and good preparations can minimize your risks of contracting dangerous diseases.

Our travel health clinic can help you with your travel preparations and offer you vaccines that suit your needs.

In order to offer you quick service, all available vaccines are kept in stock in the clinic and a doctor’s prescription is not required.


The vaccines offered in our clinic :


Our approach

The nurses at Marleen Tassé Health Services, travel health specialists in Gatineau, use the most up-to-date information published by internationally renowned organizations to recommend the most appropriate vaccines and medications. They offer health-related services, including information and advice on vaccinations and prescriptions.

At Marleen Tassé Health Services, all vaccines are given according to Quebec Immunization Protocol standards.

In addition, the travel health consultation is free if we administer the vaccine to you and/or give you a prescription and no file administration fees are required. 


Our recommendations

Consult with travel health nurses six to eight weeks before your departure to obtain the required vaccines.

This precaution is even more important if you plan to visit a tropical region or developing country. Certain vaccines require multiple doses, therefore requiring more than one visit to the clinic. That said, it’s better to leave the country having received the vaccines the night before rather than not at all. 

School information sessions - Group trips

Marleen Tassé Health Services qualified nursing personnel offers in-school information sessions as well as the required vaccines for your travels. It is important that students and accompanying adults be well protected to fully benefit from this wonderful adventure.


Make an appointment

At our clinic the travel health consultations are free* and there are no file set-up fees! Call us at 819-595-0790 to make an appointment.

* With vaccines administration / prescriptions on the same day.


Many private insurance companies reimburse entirely or partially the costs related to vaccination. A receipt for insurance purposes will be issued.

Business hours :

Monday to Thursday: 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM