What is a pap test (also called vaginal cytology)?

Pap tests are performed on sexually active women as a preventive measure in order to detect precancerous conditions and cervical or vaginal cancers.

Indeed, up to 90% of cervical cancer cases could be prevented if women regularly underwent pap tests and VPH vaccination.


The services offered at our clinic:

Marleen Tassé Health Services offers many services, including the pap test, for women’s health such as:

  • Pap tests
  • Contraception
  • Pre-conception Workup (Ultrasound and semen analysis are the only tests not done at the clinic)
    Screening and treatment of urinary infections
  • Screening and treatment of vaginal infections
  • Screening of STIs

Our approach

Marleen Tassé Health Services offers a timely pap test service, in a liquid medium, at its clinic in Gatineau. To ensure quick results, our nursing clinic in Gatineau has partnered with a private lab. Note that in the event of abnormal results, we offer follow-up within the public health network.


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Most of our private services are covered by most private group or personal insurance plans.

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